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We have pruned the Schedule below, making half a dozen changes or so to last year (red text).


You can read the Rules lower down this page.

The slides below show the 10 Sections - simply tap the picture to pause it.



Please name where possible


A1 One Vase, Roses, 3 Blooms 

A2 One Vase, Gladioli, 2 Spikes

A3 One Vase, Chrysanthemums, 3 Stems. 

A4 One Vase, Dahlias, 3 blooms (decorative or cactus)

A5 One Vase, Dahlias, 3 blooms (any other type)

A6 One Basket Dahlias, arranged for effect.

A7 One Vase, 7 spikes Sweet Peas.

A8 One Vase, Annuals

A9 One Vase, Herbaceous Flowers

A10 One Vase, Hydrangea, 3 Heads 


Competition entry photographs can be posted on this website until 11pm on Sunday 15 August.

Entries MUST be made via the Entry Form on this website. 

If you are unable to submit entries electronically, please contact KCHS Secretary Glenda  Asquith on 01360 550142 for alternatives.

Only one entry per person per class.*

The competition closes at 11pm on Sunday 15 August.


There is no entry fee.

All Classes are open to entrants from Killearn and surrounding areas.

All horticultural exhibits must have been grown by the entrant and been in their care for two months prior to the Show.

The entrant must have made all exhibits entered.

Entries in the Craftwork and Art section do not need to have been made in the past year, but must not have been shown at the Show previously. 

Cut Flowers & Vegetables should be named where possible.  

Exhibits will be judged as seen in the photograph by independent judges chosen by KCHS. Judges decision is final.

Winners and runners up will be announced on Saturday 28 August. After that date, selected entries from each class will be displayed on this website.

In September, first prize winners receive a large print photo of their entry.

There will be no prize money or trophies this year.

* Classes are listed numerically in each section of the Schedule, for example "D2" is a class. So you can make one entry in D2 and one entry in D5. But you cannot make two entries in D2.

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