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Updated: 13 June 2024

Annual Show | 2024

Saturday 31 August 2024

Killearn Kirk, Village and Church halls

Based around the Kirk, Village and Church halls the Show is a family-friendly event in which everyone can join in — young or not so young. Read below about how we are encouraging youngsters to enter the Annual Show.


Everyone is welcome not just to attend on the day, but also to enter the Show competition itself -- see the timetable below.

Ahead of the Show, our online competition for Section M below opens towards the end of July.


It’s not just about plants: there are more than a dozen sections all told, including ones for baking, craftwork, art and photography, as well as the very popular cut flowers, vegetables and pot plants, to name but a few.

Further down are details about how to enter the Annual Show, where to place your exhibit, the Categories and the timetable.


The Show is open to the residents of Killearn and to people from outwith the area. 

All cut flowers will be made available for sale to the public on the afternoon of the Show unless otherwise stated by displaying a 'NOT for SALE' sticker on your vase.


Proceeds of this sale will go to a charity as nominated by the Horti committee.  


Encouraging youngsters to enter the Annual Show

The Horti committee is very keen to ensure that there are lots of entrants in the Youth section of the Annual Show. 


The Show is a family-friendly event in which everyone can join in — young or not so young – and the Youth section is split into three school age groups under 18. 


Have a look through the Youth Section – in the green box – and encourage your youngsters to enter one or more of the Youth classes.


While there are some categories that younger children may need help with, there are many that children of all ages can tackle themselves. 


As an incentive, there are even prizes! 


Full details on the Annual Show Schedule for youth below.


If you have any questions, do get in touch and we’d be happy to assist in any way we can. 



The Art & Craft section is split into 15 categories for all three age groups. Some categories are easier to create while others will take longer. 


The Horticulture section features fruit and vegetable entries with three categories for two age groups as stated. For the “Basket of plenty” we are looking for a basket filled with fruit and vegetables, displayed in a decorative way. Don’t forget the most amusing misshapen vegetable category either!


The Floral section has two categories for three age groups. Here the imagination can run wild for the “Arrangement in an unusual container” and the “Arrangement in a mug”.


Lastly, the Baking section has four categories for younger children and four categories for teenagers. Don’t eat too many test products though when practising(!)

Having said all that, youngsters can enter ANY class in the Show — not just the Youth section.

Annual Show Schedule 2023 youth
Download the
Annual Show Schedule 2024 for youth
Stirling Observer

How to enter the Show

The Schedule has all the details of how to enter the Show, with all of the Categories and Classes.


Volunteers sell the Annual Show Schedule for £3 door-to-door around Killearn from mid-May.  

The Schedule has a very special offer from The Old Mill when booking in advance (T&Cs apply). 


The Schedule also entitles you and your family to free entry to the Annual Show.


Our sellers will have visited everywhere in the main village by the end of July, but if you miss them, please call 07788 373142, or message our Facebook page.

How to enter

About the Schedule

Over the past year, we have reviewed the Schedule and made changes that some people suggested.

One idea we had from one of our exhibitors was a Class for a "Vegetable box". After the Show the box will be donated to a local foodbank, if the exhibitor agrees.


The Horti committee is always considering its green credentials and would like to see a reduction and eventual elimination of the use of oasis-type plastic foams. This year a box of natural biodegradable floral foam will be available for use by exhibitors in the flower preparation area.


After each Show most of the cut flowers are available for sale, if the exhibitor agrees. In 2023 we raised nearly £200 for Strathcarron Hospice.


Annual Show 2023

Show timetable​​​

⏰ Admission to halls from 2pm, free with £3 Schedule

🏆 Presentation of prizes at 2.30pm

🫖 Tea & cakes in the Church Hall from 2.45pm

🚜 Vintage tractor display

🎪 Visit the Horti-related contributors stalls, including:

B Moore Bees

Colourful Killearn

Wee Spuds


🚲 Find out about the village eco bike scheme

✋Closes 4.30pm.

Find our event on

Placing your exhibit

The halls will be open for staging of exhibits from 7.30pm to 9pm on Friday evening and from 7.30am to 10am on the day of the show.  

Bring your scarecrows BEFORE 2pm on Saturday for display in the Scarecrow Competition.


The Society shall provide entry cards and the competitor must ensure that their name and class number are clearly written on the card.   


Remember, Plants and Cut Flowers should be named as far as possible and staged in Society vases. 


Exhibit locations:

  • Cut Flowers: in the Village Hall. The prep room is here too where the Society's vases are available for use. The Exhibitor must provide boards for cut blooms.

  • Floral Art in the Kirk

  • Vegetables & Fruit (including youth entries) in the Village Hall.

  • Baking (including youth entries): in the Church Hall.

  • Preserves: in the Church Hall

  • Wine & Cordials: in the Church Hall

  • Craftwork: for all ages is displayed in the Kirk.

  • Class Paintings (Nursery & Primary): displayed on the vertical boards in the Village Hall.

  • Photographic: in the foyer between the Kirk & Church Hall 

  • Art: in the Foyer between the Kirk & Hall.

  • Youth (excluding Veg/fruit & Baking): in the Kirk.


Exhibits may not be removed until the Show closes at 4.30pm.   


All cut flowers will be made available for sale to the public on the afternoon of the Show unless otherwise stated by displaying a 'NOT for SALE' sticker on your vase. Proceeds of this sale will go to a charity as nominated by the Horti committee.  


If you have a question please ask a Member - who will be wearing a green rosette.   

Online comp

Section M “My Garden” online competition

Killearn’s Annual Show is in August, and our online competition opens at the end of July.


Although the majority of entries will be physical, Section M “My Garden” is an online competition with six classes.

There will be a trophy for the Hidden Garden class and we’ll be putting large printed photos of all the top entries on display at the Show.

Find out the winners at the Show!

  • M1 – Hidden Garden (Killearn)
  • M2 Hidden Garden (Other Locations)
  • M3 My Vegetable Plot  
  • M4 A Hanging Basket or Hanging Pot
  • M5 A Planter or Container
  • M6 An Animal in My Garden
KCHS advert 2024 JPG.jpg

For the Show we print an A5 size colour publication.


The “Schedule of Classes” has a three month shelf-life and is distributed across a wide local area starting at our Plant Sale in May.


In the weeks afterwards, the Schedule is sold door-to-door in Killearn, as well as to outlying show contributors in the surrounding villages.


And everyone who attends the Show on 31 August will have to purchase one to gain admission.


If you wish to place an advert please email as soon as possible.

Facebook: For an additional £10 we will put your advert on our Facebook page.


Banner: We are also offering for an advertiser to be named on the Schedule’s front cover AND on an advertising banner for the Annual Show: “XXX is proud to support the Annual Show”. Price +£25

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