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Scarecrow competition 2024!

Updated: 22 May 2024

We announce our exciting scarecrow competition for 2024 in which all the family can take part! 

Your scarecrow can be any size, any shape and any animal or person, real or fictional. You could even make a tableau of scarecrows!  

Your scarecrows are all invited to the Annual Show to be judged.

There will be a prize for the best entry!

How to enter: 

  1. write your name(s) and address on a piece of paper and place in a sealed envelope 

  2. attach the envelope to your scarecrow 

  3. bring your scarecrow to the Annual Show, between midday and 1.30pm, to the back of the car park  (before the opening time). 


Afterwards your scarecrow can return home with you.

Scarecrow competition 2023

Updated: 22 September 2023

There was great innovation and style to be found in the creation of the scarecrows presented in the Annual Show 2023 competition.

The winner (first photo below) was created by Amelia and Madi can only be described as SCARY, with its feathery angel wings, spooky blue unblinking eyes and gorgeous roses and sunflowers adorning its dress.

Second prize was for the karaoke-wielding, sunglasses wearing, pink-hatted scarecrow, which the judges thought would definitely scare any crop-stealing birds.

Third prize went to the child-sized scarecrow, with its mysterious starfish eyes and cool pink trousers.

Other entries included a “scaresheep” with a fleece made from a bathmat; a straw-headed arms-outstretched individual; a kindly looking granny with cats on her lap; a tractor driving farmer; and a disembodied head on a broomstick.

The judges said that all in all the entries were "absolutely fantastic" and the entrants are to be congratulated for their creations and efforts!

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