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K1 Photograph

with caption

K1 Photograph with caption

The judge said:

“There was a lot of creativity in these entries. However, in this section, how apposite the caption is will be the major criteria for success.

“Many other good images deserve a mention.”

The following were Highly Commended by the judge:

  • “The dog in ‘Picture of Lily’, KI-022, had a super expression but needed a good caption to go with it.

  • “And ‘Therapy’, K1-016 with its post sunset muted tones of the Milarrochy Bay tree silhouetted against the evening sky was an excellent representation of the title.”

K2 Photograph of Plant – Flowering or Otherwise 

K2 Plant Photograph

The judge said:

“Many great pictures, but only three can be winners.”

The following were Highly Commended by the judge:

  • “I liked the lighting on the ‘Hosta’ image (K2-021) which revealed the textures of the plant particularly well.

  • “The Wood anemone (K2-020) was well captured and illustrates how attractive our wild flowers are and the reward of kneeling down and giving them a close look.

  • “The ‘Rainbow of Hope’ (K2-022) was also a contender. A well composed arrangement which would have benefited more if the lowest bloom had not been cropped.”

K3 Photograph – Wildlife in my Garden 

K3 Wildlife in my Garden

The judge said:

“This section was well supported and, given the large number of gardens in Killearn, to be encouraged. However, it is a challenging subject and capturing sharp well lit and detailed images is definitely not easy.

“Many of the images did not quite manage to accomplish all these aspects.”

The following were Highly Commended by the judge:

  • “I liked the confident stance of ‘Ronnie the Rook’ (K3-011) and its sharpness. Obtaining good detail of plumage and the eyes is important. The bright sunshine and the dark body proved just too much of a challenge.

  • “And ‘Garden Visitor’ (K3 001) is correctly exposed and framed.”

K4 Photograph – Any other subject

K4 Any other subject

The judge said:

“This was a challenge. Many creative images and challenging to select the winners. 


“Some images lacked a title, which is an essential part of the image. Some others were let down by ‘blacked out’ shadow detail because of the extreme lighting contrasts.”


The following were Highly Commended by the judge:

  • “The ‘Sunset Dance’ K4-020 had me puzzled. An image that was clearly very creative but difficult to judge. The dark horizon splits the subject and the dark sea undermines the silhouette. If only the photographer had taken the picture from low down.

  • “But K4-009 ‘Any Other’ is a pleasant scene, well observed and deserves a better title.”

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