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Annual Show 2023 “My Garden” Entry Form


Killearn’s Annual Show returns this August, but we have an online competition starting 29th July, so start uploading your photos!

The entry form is below.


Although the majority of entries will be physical, Section M “My Garden” is an online competition with six classes.

You can enter each class once.

There will be a trophy for the Hidden Garden class and we’ll be putting large printed photos of all the top entries on display at the Show.

There are six classes in My Garden, namely:

  • M1 – Hidden Garden (Killearn)

  • M2 – Hidden Garden (Other Locations)

  • M3 – My Vegetable Plot  

  • M4 – A Hanging Basket or Hanging Pot

  • M5 – A Planter or Container

  • M6 – A Sculpture in My Garden

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